Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club

Christmas Party

Sunday 4th December 2016

Overseal Village Hall, Derbyshire

The 2016 Christmas Party was as popular as ever, with Judge Donna Whincup presiding over the usual selection of classes, in which 23 different dogs provided 70 entries for her to judge - no mean feat!

Judge's Critique

Many thanks to the committee of the Central BMD Club for inviting me to judge their Christmas Party 2016. So many had gone the extra mile to put on this annual show; thank you also to all who had entered.

Donna Whincup

Class 1 - Baby Puppy Walk ( 4 - 6 months)

1st - Lynn Atkinson's Border Terrier MAISIE. What a little super star she is, full of mischief, harsh coat, beautiful otter head. Moved very true, both fore & back.
2nd - Donna Dunn's 16 week old chocolate Labrador STANLEY. Beautiful face, very happy puppy, full of confidence.
3rd - Rachael Marriott's 15 week old Shiba Inu, MIA.
4th - Judith Dodd's Yorkshire Terrier, GRACE.

Class 2 - AV Puppy (6-12 months)

1st - Lynn Atkinson's Border Terrier, 11 months old dog called FLYNN. Top quality puppy, full of personality. Moved very well.
2nd - Julie Jones' BMD, HATTIE. A little shy, but did well to cope with the busy venue. Only 6 months old, very pretty.

Class 3 - AV Adult

1st - Stuart Cantrill's little Pattersation, HARLEY, 4 year's old and so, so cute, he won his class on his sit up & beg. Such a big character.
2nd - Ruth Walton's TREVOR, the chocolate Standard Poodle. Happy boy with good coat, having a ball with his mum. Beautifully groomed, would do anything for his mum.
3rd - ZORRO, the black & tan Shiba Inu. He showed his mum, Rachael Marriott how to strut her stuff . Full of quality.
4th - Rachael Marriott's Shiba Inu, HI-KO.
5th - Emily Dunn's Cockapoo, BARNEY

Class 4 - AV Veteran ( over 7 years )

1st - 12 years old white Standard Poodle, amazing condition for his age. Caroline Lea should be very proud of BOOGIE.
2nd - Debbie Richardson with her Jack Russell cross Chihuahua, BARNEY. 7 years and 3 months. Lovely happy boy, who was very obedient.
3rd - Rachael Marriott's PHOENIX, a 7.5 years old red Shiba Inu. Happy, fit dog who moved so well.

Class 5 - Dog With The Waggiest Tail

1st - HUGO the BMD. Happy waggy tail. Owned by Robert James. Just loved everyone. A very happy, out-going boy.

2nd - Donna Dunn's chocolate Labrador STANLEY.

3rd - The naughty Cockerpoo, Emily Dunn's BARNEY

4th - Stuart Cantrill's Pattersation, HARLEY

5th - REDFORD, Julie & Dave's BMD

Class 6 - Best Biscuit Catcher

1st - Joanne Caulton's, CINDY, the Collie Cross. 2 years old - Wow, she was amazing, caught all the biscuits thatI threw for her. Very clever girl.

2nd - Rachael Marriott's Shiba Inu, ZORRO.

3rd - Julie & Dave's BMD, REDFORD.

4th - Robert James' BMD, HUGO.

Class 7 - Prettiest Bitch

1st - Judith Dodd's GRACE, the Yorkshire Terrier. Very pretty little girl, sporting her little bow in her hair.

2nd - FABERGE the BMD, owned by Sue Small. A very pretty girl, beautiful dark eyes, with a melting expression.

3rd - Joanne Caulton's Collie cross Labrador, CINDY.

4th - Stephen Small's BMD TIFFANY.

5th - Julie Jones' BMD, HATTIE.

Class 8 - Most Handsome Dog

1st - ZORRO, very handsome black & tan Shiba Inu. He sure loves his mum, Rachael Marriott. Striking markings.

2nd - TREVOR, Ruth Walton's Standard Poodle. He has a great head of hair, bless him. Beautiful chiseled head with nice almond eye.

3rd - Lynn Atkinson's BMD, FLETCHER.

4th - Donna Dunn's chocolate Labrador STANLEY.

5th - Stuart Cantrill's Pattersation, HARLEY

Class 9 - Dog Most Like its Owner

1st - Caroline Lea with BOOGIE the Standard Poodle, the veteran of 12 years, wearing matching red fleece zip up tops, matching hat and scarf and glasses. Almost like a mirror reflection when you looked at them both. Quite brilliant.

2nd - Ruth Walton and TREVOR, the Standard Poodle. This was the most natural looking dog, with his long brown locks of hair falling over his face, just like his mum's. A close call.

3rd - Stuart Cantrill and HARLEY the Pattersation. Like two matching Santas, sporting their bright red outfits. Fabulous.

Class 10 - Dog or Bitch the Judge would most like to take home

1st - Julie Jones' HATTIE, the BMD. So sweet and only 6 months old. I'm sure my Dalmations would love playing chase with her in our garden.

2nd - Joanne Caulton's Collie cross Labrador, CINDY.

3rd - Emily Dunn's Cockapoo, BARNEY

4th - Sue Small's BMD, FABERGE

5th - Stuart Cantrill's Pattersation, HARLEY

Class 11 - Fancy Dress #

1st Prize for Best Child went to Jake & Stuart Cantrill. Two happy Santas with their little helper, HARLEY the elf, wearing his little green outfit. He looked very smart.

1st Prize for Best Adult went to Ruth Walton and Standard Poodle TREVOR, the super cow. Fantastic effort made with this costume, all hand made, with bright pink udders. Trevor made a great show Fresian cow, he did it so well. Mum wore the traditional white overcoat. So made me smile.

2nd - My Ringmaster, Caroline Lea and BOOGIE. Wearing her top hat and tails, in total control of her show pony, Boogie. He was standing on his circus drum, Very eye catching, another great outfit.

3rd - Donna Dunn & Chocolate labrador, STANLEY.

4th - Rachael Marriott & Shiba Inu, ZORRO.

5th - Judith Dodd & GRACE, the Yorkshire Terrier.

Best Winner - Any Variety

Rob & Alison James' BMD, HUGO

Best Any Variety Puppy - #

MAISIE the Border Terrier, owned by Lynn Atkinson

Best Adult Bernese -

Lynn Atkinson's boy, FLETCHER. Strong, well boned dog, correctly marked, with good toe, tip and tail tip. Plenty of substance. Moved very soundly, both fore and aft. A lot to like, in good coat.

2nd - David and REDFORD

3rd - Sue Small and FABERGE

4th - Stephen Small and TIFFANY

Best Puppy Bernese -

Julie Jones and HATTIE

# Due to a discrepancy in the notes, these placings are subject to confirmation

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