Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club

2015 Companion Show

6 Class Companion Show - Judge: Mrs Pam Fagg
Sunday 24th May 2015

Overseal Village Hall, Woodville Road, Overseal, Derbyshire DE12 6LU

A good entry kept me very busy. It is so good to cater for another group of show people. I was really impressed with the young handlers and hope they continue with the dog showing bug in the future. Lovely rosettes 1st to 5th, and a voucher for £5 for Royal Canin dog food for placed dogs.

Class 1 - Any Variety Minor Puppy - 6 To 9 Months
1st No. 78 - BMD Standing alone but a really nice puppy a little inexperienced at first (as expected) but settled well. Nicely presented. A good future for dog and young handler.

Class 2 - Any Variety Puppy - 6 to 12 Months
A few puppies were a little shy but with careful handling will realise life is not so scary. I wouldn't push them. Good class a lot of variety.
1st No. 28 - British Bulldog - 10 months. Confident full of energy, lovely head and expression. Compact body.
2nd No. 80 - BMD Well grown rage and nicely presented. Well done to young handler
3rd No. 85 - Golden/Poodle Black luxuriant coat. The expression of joy with a hint of mischief won me over.
4th No. 98 - BMD
5th No. 74 - BMD

Class 3 -Any Variety Adult - Over 12 Months
Great variety in this class - very hard to choose as there were so many beautiful dogs
1st No. 82 - Australian Sheepdog Good even red merle colouring, confident friendly temperament. Excellent movement, athletic body, good general health
2nd No. 88 - Shiba Inu Beautiful head and expression, with strong cobby little body
3rd - No 64 - Golden Retriever Nicely presented and in lovely physical condition
4th No. 70 - Border Collie
5th No. 95 - Siberian Husky

Class 4 - Any Variety Veteran - Over 7 Years
A good class of oldies
1st No. 68 - Border Collie - 12 Years Nice head, well set ears. Fit condition, moved so well
2nd No 94 - Cocker Spaniel - 11 Years Difficult to believe this veterans age, and little grey but as a Roan well “disguised”. Fit condition and nicely trotting out
3rd No. 73 - Whippet - 13 years Lovely shape - giving no indication of age but a true veteran
4th No. 33 - BMD
5th No. 77 - Crossbreed

Class 5 - Most Attractive Dog/Bitch
Again loads of variety and some really lovely dogs
1st No. 89 - Shiba Inu Striking colouring, pleasing outline kept drawing my attention and as in the title of the class, this dog fulfilled the criteria
2nd No. 81 - Lhasa Apso When spoken to, this little dog's eyes lit up – (I could just see them) expression was gorgeous, it did it for me
3rd No. 85 - Golden/Poodle – Black With the most beautiful coat - thick, glossy and wavy. Lively expression and friendly temperament
4th No. 29 - Sprocker
5th No. 80 - BMD

Class 6 - Any Variety Pedigree Dog/Bitch
1st No. 92 - Cocker Spaniel Pleasing head & shape, nicely presented
2nd No. 72 - Whippet Nice clean outline and so elegant on the move
3rd No. 89 - Shiba Inu Beautiful head and expression. Firm cobby body
4th No. 81 - Lhasa Apso
5th No. 80 - BMD

Best Companion – Border Collie No. 68
At 12 years of age, probably deserves the title and I hope as a few more years of herding the geese

Best Puppy – British Bulldog No. 28
I will not forget him in a hurry. His exuberance and love of life fulfil the title of best “puppy”

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