Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club

2015 Christmas Party

Sunday 29th November 2015

Overseal Village Hall, Derbyshire

The 2015 Christmas Party was as popular as ever, with Judge Margaret Hooley presiding over the usual selection of classes, in which 31 different dogs provided 82 entries for her to judge - no mean feat! Everyone entered into the spirit of the occasion, including the Steward, Julie.

steward julie

Judge's Critique

Thank you again for inviting me to judge; it was a brilliant experience and the quality of the dogs was extremely good. It was such a pleasure to go over so many dogs, and the decision making was extremely difficult. Special thanks to my stewards, Julie and Suzie
Margaret Hooley (Hoolmark)

Class 1 - Baby Puppy Walk - No Entries

Class 2 - AV Puppy (6-12 months)

1st - No.72 BMD - Julie Wakeland's HUGO - 11mths
Headed up a very strong class of puppies. Strong head, muscular neck, overall well proportioned; moved out well and in good coat.
2nd - No.78 BMD - Sue Small's FABERGE - 7mths
Very similar to above, but just preferred 1st on movement.
3rd - Dobermann - Kerry Dye's PRINCE
Portugese Water Dog - Crouch's BELLA
5th - Shiba Inu - AKI

Class 3 - AV Adult

1st - No.85 - Cocker Spaniel - Julie Fajardo's SEVE
Lovely shaped head,good ear set. Very nicely proportioned, in good coat, moved well both ways. Very well handled.
2nd - No.84 - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Sarah Smith's ERIN
Nice keen eye, good ear set, in excellent condition, good coat and moved extemely well.
3rd - Siberian Husky - Sandra Heathcote's BORIS
4th - BMD - Sue Small's TIFFANY
5th - Standard Poodle - Ruth Walton's TREVOR

Class 4 - AV Veteran

1st - No.87 - Cocker Spaniel - Julie Fajardo's MIA
Only just in Veteran, in good condition, nice shape head, well placed ears, lovely well balanced overall. Moved well both away and back. Handled well
2nd - No.86 - Cocker Spaniel - Julie Fajardo's ALFIE (11yrs old)
Loved this dog, had real character and not looking his age at all. In good condition and moved soundly. Handled well.
3rd - Standard Poodle - Caroline Lea's BOOGIE

Class 5 - Dog With Waggiest tail

1st - No.95 - Lovely Patterdale/Alsation Cross Terrier - Jake & Stuart Cantrill's HARLEY
Didn't stop wagging his tail, a real credit to the two boys who handled him

Class 6 - Best Biscuit Catcher

1st - No.91 - Shiba Inu - Mrs Marriott's ZORRO
Well done, and up against some brilliant biscuit catchers

Class 7 - Prettiest Bitch

1st - No.84 - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Sarah Smith's ERIN
Headed up a huge class of great bitches. My winner was a lovely bitch with nice bright eyes and in good condition

Class 8 - Most Handsome Dog

1st - No.91 - Shiba Inu - Mrs Marriott's ZORRO
Headed up another huge class, this time male dogs. My winner was a lovely handsome dog, in excellent condition.

Class 9 - Dog Most Like its Owner

1st - No.100 - Standard Poodle - Caroline Lea's BOOGIE

Dressed exactly as the owner, perfect partnership

Class 10 - Dog or Bitch the Judge would most like to take home

A lovely class to judge, and could easily have taken all of them home
1st - Was awarded to a Bernese, that the moment I looked at her she stole my heart.
No.75 - Terry Draper's JESSIE - A lovely bitch that is a real credit to her owner.

Class 11 - Fancy Dress

Well, what can I say - a brilliant class, and the choice was so very difficult; thank you to all for making this class such a pleasure to judge

1st Prize for Best Child went to Jake & Stuart Cantrill's Patterdale/Alsation Cross Terrier - HARLEY (3 Reindeers). Well done boys - a great job.

1st Prize for Best Adult went to Mrs Caroline Lea's Standard Poodle BOOGIE
Handler was dressed as a Ringmaster and poodle was dressed as a horse, with plume on head, and front legs standing on a box - just brilliant

Reindeers - Best Children's Fancy Dress (Left) & Best Adult Fancy Dress -Ringmaster (Right)

Best Winner - Any Variety
Was my Class 7 Winner, Mrs sarah Smith's Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, ERIN

Best Adult Bernese -
Was awarded to No.74, Mr T Draper's FINLEY
Well presented, in good coat and moved well. Good strong head and overall well balanced.

Best Adult Bernese & Puppy Bernese

Best Puppy Bernese -
Was awarded to No.90, Mr Tony Grainger's MOLLY
Lovely youngster, who I am confident will have a successful future. Good strong head, well balanced individual, moved well both away and back. In good coat and very well handled

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